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Glossary of financial terms - Letter Y

  • yankee bond

    Tags:  bonds terminology

    A US dollar bond issued in the US by a foreign issuer.


  • year fraction

    Tags:  financial mathematics time value of money

    In finance, a year fraction represents a portion of an interest period, expressed as a decimal figure. It is calculated by dividing the number of days of the portion through the number of days in the interest period.


  • yield

    Tags:  interest rate markets valuation and pricing

    The return on a security taking into account both income and price appreciation.


  • yield-to-maturity (YTM)

    Tags:  interest rate instruments interest rate markets valuation and pricing

    Yield to maturity is the annual rate of return anticipated for a bond if it is held until its maturity.


  • yield curve swap

    Tags:  financial instruments interest rate derivatives


  • YTM

    Tags:  bond markets pricing and analysis


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