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Glossary of financial terms - Letter H

  • haircut

    Tags:  risk management securities lending

    Haircut is a percentage which is substracted from the market value of an asset which is being used as a collateral in a transaction. The level of the haircut reflects the asset's riskiness. The riskier an asset is, the higher the applied haircut will be.


  • Hang Seng Index (HSI)

    Tags:  indices stock markets

    The Hang Seng Index is the main indicator of the overall market performance of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


  • HDD

    Tags:  valuation and pricing weather derivatives


  • heating degree day (HDD)

    Tags:  metric weather derivatives

    Heating degree days are a measure designed to quantify how many degrees and for how many days the outside temperature was below 65°F (18° C) which is the temperature below which a building needs to be heated.


  • hedge ratio

    Tags:  concept risk management

    The number of futures contracts needed to hedge an underlying cash position.


  • held-to-maturity security

    Tags:  accounting concept

    A held-to-maturity security is a debt security which its holder has both the capacity and the intention to hold until it matures.


  • Herfindahl-Hirschman index (HHI)

    Tags:  accounting valuation and pricing

    The Herfindahl-Hirschman index (HHI) is a measure of the level of competition in a given industry.


  • hermaphrodite option

    Tags:  options typology


  • HFT

    Tags:  activities and occupations financial markets


  • HHI

    Tags:  economy metric


  • HICP

    Tags:  economy indicators

    Territory:   European Union


  • HIFO

    Tags:  accounting valuation and pricing


  • high-frequency trading (HFT)

    Tags:  activities and occupations financial markets

    High-frequency trading is a form of algorithmic trading which uses high speed and frequency to leverage very powerful electronic equipment, trading tools and high-frequency financial data.


  • high-yield bond

    Tags:  bonds typology

    A high-yield bond is a bond issued by a company or organisation which does not - or no longer - qualify for investment-grade ratings by the leading rating agencies.


  • Highest In, First Out (HIFO)

    Tags:  accounting valuation and pricing

    HIFO is a method used to calculate the value of an inventory of goods in which the inventory goods with the highest cost of purchase are the first to be used or taken out of stock.


  • historical volatility

    Tags:  finance (general) financial markets

    The volatility of the price of an asset or financial instrument over a past period.


  • HSI

    Tags:  indices stock markets

    Country:   Hong Kong


  • HTM

    Tags:  accounting concept


  • HY

    Tags:  bond markets market segments


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