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About the author

The site iotafinance.com started out as a personal knowledge management project back in 2005. Its createor, Jürgen Herberger, had been working for many years in different roles and domains within the financial sector and accumulated a considerable amount of documents and notes. Having been unable to find something suitable, he started asking around and this is when a colleague suggested to "simply" build a web site for that purpose.

Slowly but surely, this side project developed a life of its own, being constantly enriched and extended. Finally, in 2009 the site was put online and iotafinance.com was born.

In early 2017, iotafinance.com had its 1,000,000th visitor, and the numbers keep growing at an impressive rate, so a big thanks to all of you for using iotafinance.com, and for your very positive feedback!

If you have any questions or comments (or suggestions!) regarding the site or its content, please feel free to get in touch.